Monday, November 17, 2008 PR, stories, etc

Coupon Codes is the new site has been very fortunate to get a lot of free press about clipping coupons and printable coupons. Here are some of my favorite links to various articles. Few people know that we are also behind Coupon Suzy as well as Safeway coupons and Kroger coupons. Regardless, here are some of my favorite stories about Coupons and

A recent press round started big in the San Jose Mercury News is in the Wall Street Journal

And the NY Times

Heather Dougherty from Hitwise did a tight mention at the e-metrics optimization conference

Brandcaster in the San Jose Mercury News too

Steven declares a recession on :p

The big one, Steven on the Today show

Here's a new one citing Internet Coupon Usage up 83% and listing some good statistics and demographics on general coupon usage in the US

This is my favorite so far. Some poor frustrated newspaper guy from Pennsylvania (right near where I used to live actually), rips on Steven after his Today Show appearance, saying that Steven "doesn't look much older than my golf shoes." Hahahahahaha. Oh bummer, I don't think this is a good link any more.

I like this simple article running through different coupon websites. Nothing earth shattering, but original work from a local, which is cool to see.

MSNBC television show with mention

There are a ton more, but many derive from these in some form. These are my faves for now I guess :-)

It's funny that a prevalent theme is that the online coupon traffic increase is a sign the economy is sucking. But if the economy was broadly sucking, wouldn't coupon usage be up 83% in other channels as well? Hitwise gets the closest to seeing what's up by at least noticing that growth is a LOT of the growth for this sector online, but they don't go so far as to notice that many of the other sites experiencing growth are partners "powered by" like Coupon Suzy, the television face of and the others in the space are perhaps in the wake ???

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