Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Updated Reading List

Books and other more permanent quintessential works

My favorite all time behavioral economics book - by the master, Cialdini.  Lemme know if you have read his latest book, Yes! co-authored by Noah Goldstein.  I have hung out with Noah and think he is also a very bright behavioral economist but I don't know if the book is do-over/improvement or covering new ground.  But Noah has done some great research also and I am sure reports on some of it in there.
Predictably Irrational - Dan Ariely's book on decision making.  Dan makes the case that buying decisions are not as rational on the micro level as economics on the macro level would have us believe, but it is at least predictable and can therefore be engineered to be effective on that basis. Dan is a very sharp guy.
Designed Addiction - this is a talk by Nir Eyal about his desire engine structure of looking at the world.  It is rock solid.
User Experience
UXD, About Face 3 - from our own local Alan Cooper, the freakin' man
UX testing, Gorilla Style - Steve Krug is classic and spot on
Designer Portfolio Sites - I like looking at the well reviewed portfolios for inspiration : ) 
Dave McClure's - Startup Metrics for Pirates - is a classic and solid growth structure
Sean Ellis' blog - He invented the term Growth Hacker and also has a company called Qualaroo (formely KISS insights) that is interesting.  My favorite quote form him is Conversion = Desire - Friction
Andrew Chen's favorite articles - This guys articles are what led to the popularization of the growth hacker label.  He is a solid product and distribution guy in his own right, legit.
Tom Eisenmann's best blog posts of 2012 - solid reading list, perhaps a bit verbose
Links and stories online - may be MUCH more temporal, even flava' of the month level
01/03/2013 Conversion Best Practices - Low hanging fruit tips from KISS metrics
11/25/2012 How to be a better manager, spouse, and parent, all in one11/23/2012 Peter Theil's startup class - Pretty solid stuff all the way around wrt to startup
11/09/2012 Kalzumeus.com article on AB Testing10/30/2012 http://blog.getvero.com/ - optimizing the email channel
10/29/2012 Quantifying Event Impact - ideas from around the web
05/25/2012 Why startups fail - data from Noam Wasserman based on thousands of startups over a decade
07/14/2013 (when I found it) Some basic mobile app store tips

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